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What have I gotten myself into?!?!?!?!? June 11, 2012

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Tomorrow I am presenting at a technology conference on blogging in the classroom.  WHAT?!?! Yes, I blog, and at times much of what I write makes sense, but ME, presenting on blogging? Yikes! While I have yet to have the dream about standing there in an empty room and no one showing up for my sessions…the fear has begun creeping into my head!! Will it make sense?…Will they get my bizarre sense of humor? Or will they want their money back…oh wait, it is a free conference. WINNING!!

I went to pick up my presenter’s packet this afternoon and it wasn’t until I got there that I realized just how many people will be there for the next two days. Hopefully I will see some traffic in my two sessions. Lots of presenters…some vendors and tons of attendees. Its kind of a big deal….and I know that the folks who are organizing it have put so much effort into organizing it!

Actually, I am very excited about it. I have a decent presentation…some hand outs, lots of advice ( like don’t let them talk you into presenting at a technology conference). I conned some people into letting me showcase their blogs, and will showcase mine as well. It will be okay…. I will survive….and hopefully encourage a few people along the way to give blogging a try. I am by no means an expert blogger, but I do have an idea or two about how to use it in the classroom setting to help improve teacher-student communication.

And I am also excited that I will get the chance to see other presentations while I am at the conference for the next two days.   Hoping to pick up some great ideas to bring more technology into my own classroom.  And of course there are the prizes…. everyone loves prizes….maybe I’ll win an iPad (I am not even sure they are giving iPads away…but how cool would that be???)

Yes! I can do this….check back on Thursday and I’ll fill you in on my adventure.


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