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Can someone tell these kids it is still February??? February 25, 2012

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Wow! My students have been a bit on the chatty/mischievous side these past few weeks. Wanna know why? My theory is that the weather is to blame. For the past few weeks, instead of 30-40 degree temps….we have had 60-7 degree temps.  So the kids think it is already springtime. And if they think it is springtime, they think summer is around the corner.

Sorry little friends…it is late February and we got a whole lot of material to cover in the next  60 school days.  We have MAP testing coming up….then once Spring Break has come and gone, we are on the fast track to PASS (our state testing here in SC)!!!!

I am already starting review and we haven’t even covered all the curriculum yet…at least not in Social Studies!! We just finished the American Revolution and have to get to Reconstruction by early May. Yes, I know we are behind (that was for my readers who are also 4th grade teachers in SC) but there is so much content in SS in 4th grade.

I am excited about starting our next unit because I found some awesome ideas on Pinterest for teaching the Articles of Confederation. I  “heart” Pinterest!!  If you have to teach this subject matter, check out this link….

Also, if you need a cool idea for a Colonial America/American Revolution project, try this….I had my students research people and events from the American Revolution and write a paragraph containing 3-5 interesting facts. Then they draw a picture to go along with it. I used my fun scrapbook scissors (which I never use any more…who has time to scrapbook???) and scalloped the edge of their picture and glued it to construction paper to make it look like a postage stamp.  Here are a few pictures…..


2 Responses to “Can someone tell these kids it is still February???”

  1. Chad Says:

    Cute pics Patti. You paint those? JK

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