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All good things must come to an end….. January 1, 2012

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Today is the final day of a much-needed 16 day break from school. But I miss my kids…I miss my colleagues…I miss my classroom.   What do I have to show for my long break…signs of rest. I slept late, I ate way too much, I stayed up late. What I did not do much of was school work. Oh I looked at it…everyday as I passed the home office. I looked at the tub of ungraded papers, my laptop still in its case…the teacher’s editions and workbooks I brought home. But still it sat neglected and untouched for most of thse 16 days.  And I am perfectly fine with that. Now I have to go back tomorrow which means that I spent today….my last day…playing catch up.  I graded papers, I read through the novels I am going to start with my reading groups this week.  I finalized my lesson plans and sent copies off to my brand new student teacher who starts with me tomorrow.  So much for my plans of going back to school relaxed and refreshed…now I am getting a little anxious about whether or not I am truly prepared for tomorrow.  What I am certain of is I am 100% prepared to see the faces of my 19 little friends tomorrow morning,….to hear their stories of Christmas, their favorite gifts and how they spent their break.  I expect them to be sleepy, but excited to be back, and maybe a little taller. 16 days is an eternity to them….and we are going to have to hit the review hard, because one other thing I am certain of, is that they have forgotten a whole lot of what we have covered in the last 16 weeks…..oh brother!!


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