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Technology, Turkey and Time Off!!! November 5, 2011

Filed under: Teaching- General — mrsbarker @ 3:49 pm

Wow…I am officially a slacker/blogger!!!

So, um, my last post was well over a month ago! I guess that officially makes me a slacker. Well, not exactly. I have been busy. I mean REALLY busy…like forgetting to eat a meal busy (and that, like,  almost NEVER happens). 

Without getting too personal…I have had some family health issues, and school has been in overdrive, PLUS I have been taken a graduate class on technology in the classroom.  But I am back, everyone is getting healthier, school is never going to calm down, so I have accepted it. And last night (well, this morning at 12:05am) I submitted the last component of my project for my grad class. Just have to do a presentation on Tuesday night, and then life will return to normal. Just in time for Thanksgiving!! And then Christmas.  And as much as I love both of those holidays (I mean who doesn’t like eating yourself into a coma, football and presents????)…..they are crazy, busy times too. The silver lining though…5 days off at Thanksgiving and 16 days off at Christmas!!!

I am going to post some links later this weekend (or maybe early next week) with some cool stuff I learned in this class. And on top of that, I got a brand new Promethean board in my classroom this week. Yeah, don’t hate me because I have new technology….save it for early 2012 when they replace my antiquated Dell laptop with a new one (no it’s not a Mac, but beggars can’t be choosers) and also the desktops in my classroom!!!  Our district is going through technology “refresh” so lots of new stuff is being ordered and installed!!!

As I say this, lots of people are going to curse my name, and put my picture on a bullseye (hey that’s better than a milk carton, huh!?!?). I love my job, and my team, and the fact that even in this economy, when lots of teachers are losing their jobs due to budget cuts, I am fortunate to work in a district and school where they have been so pro-active in their finance/budgeting prior to this recession, that not only have we not lost teacher jobs, there is money to spend. Obviously, since I did not pay for that sweet new Promethean board out of my money!

And you know what the best part was? Watching how excited my students were when it was finally installed and up and working. I could barely keep them in their seats yesterday morning,  they were so excited!!!  Of course, we have to have the “don’t climb on it, high-five it, lean against it” talk. And now I am going to have to really bring my A-game everyday because they are going to want to use it EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY…so I have my work cut out for me!!

So, I will sign off…but I will load some links and stuff later……and I promise it won’t take a month this time!!!!


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