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And we’re back……time to make our new school year resolutions!!! August 10, 2011

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Today is the first day back for teachers in our district. I want to wish all my teacher friends a great school year!! Each new calendar year we all make resolutions (lose weight, get out of debt, finish the Harry Potter series, lol). I came across this list of new school year resolutions posted by fellow blogger Diary of a Public School Teacher…I modified hers a bit but you get the gist.

Happy New (School) Year! I Resolve to…

  1.  treat all  students fairly, regardless of race, gender, age,  behavior, parent’s nasty attitude, desire to be educated, or lack of interest in learning
  2. believe that all children can learn, even if I have taught the same material 55 different ways.(It’s going to click at some point)
  3. stop using sarcasm as a disciplinary tool, no matter how effective it may seem.
  4.  speak in a quiet, even, tone, even when yelling seems to be the best option. (It never is!)
  5. realize that I could be the only good thing that happens in a student’s day
  6. grade papers in a timely manner, even though their test scores may make me question my teaching ability.
  7.  meet all deadlines, and if I’m late, don’t make any sorry  excuses.
  8. not gossip about (or with) my colleagues, the students, administration,etc…
  9. share with my colleagues, we are not in competition with each other.
  10. use technology to engage my 21st century students
  11. continue to be passionate about my job, and if I’m not,  retire or find something I can be passionate about.:)

I am going to add a number 12 to the list—

12. do all I can to help make changes to the field of education ( attend rallies, make phone calls, motivate fellow teachers, join organizations) so that the focus is on the child as an individual learner rather than about a score on a test!

For those of you lucky enough to be enjoying a few more days or weeks of summer….your time is coming.


2 Responses to “And we’re back……time to make our new school year resolutions!!!”

  1. I love #12! Have a great year! And my time is Aug.23, the countdown has begun.:)

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