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Taking a little vacay, but before I go…… August 2, 2011

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I am really trying hard not to be a slacker on this blog (if you were following any of  my other blogs, I took slackerdom to new heights by not posting for weeks…okay months on end). So when I started this new blog, I resolved to post everyday and I have been doing pretty good…some of you may have noticed this! So I wanted to warn you that I wont be posting for a few days (I know, SADNESS….) because I am going on a little vacy to visit my friends up north.  I can already feel my blood pressure climbing as I think about all the people and traffic up there…but it will be worth it because while I am on vacation I get to go here!!   I am also going to visit a few other places in the Washington, D.C. area and see lots of friends. SO I am not just going for the CUPCAKES!!!

So you know how when someone you know goes on vacation and they come back and bring you a gift???? Well in honor of all of you wonderful people who have been following my blog, I  am doing a GIVEAWAY! What?! A gift for just following my blog!?!?! What a GREAT idea…but there’s more. To qualify, you need do the following: 1) “LIKE” my Facebook page for this blog  (you can do this by going here), then 2) come back to my blog and leave a comment by midnight on Saturday (8/6). I will do a random drawing to pick the winner.

So what is the prize? Why, something fantastic I pick up during my vacation of course!!! I promise it won’t be a Chia Pet or a framed photo of me enjoying a cupcake from here.

Would you like to be entered nt he drawing more than once? Here is how you can make that happen….invite friends to follow my blog , by having them go here  on Facebook and click the “LIKE” button. Then they need to come here and leave a comment too, but they also need to let me know that you sent them. And you both will be entered in the drawing not once, but TWICE!!  Pretty cool, huh?!?!?!

So, leave me some comment love, and send your friends this way too….


8 Responses to “Taking a little vacay, but before I go……”

  1. LynnTN Says:

    Hey friend, Hope you’re having a wonderful end-of-the-summer-last-chance-before-school-starts vacation! By the way…you don’t have to enter me in the drawing, being friends with you is gift enough. 🙂

  2. Lena B Says:

    You are so inspiring! Can’t wait to make more memories again this school year.:) Lena B

    • Chris M Says:

      Loving your blog, Patti – even if I’m more of a slacker reading it than you are posting it! I’m following you North, unfortunately, I’ll be a couple of weeks behind you. We’ll be staying in DC for a few days (Dave has a conference) so I might have to check out that cupcake place! Miss you, friend!

    • mrsbarker Says:

      That Lena! You are the best!! I love teaching with you and look forward to a great year! 4th grade ROCKS!!!

  3. Heidi Says:

    It was so great to see you today! Did you make it to Georgetown Cupcakes? I’ve yet to go there, but I hope to! Heidi

    • mrsbarker Says:

      Thanks Heidi!I It was wonderful seeing you today! We are headed into DC tomorrow…we are going to tour the Lincon Memorial (Noah’s request) and then head to Georgetown Cupcake…I heard they have a Sprinkles Bakery in Georgetown too so we may go there instead if the line at GC is too long!

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