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A great way to sneak in vocabulary….. July 29, 2011

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I was surfing the web today and came across this idea on Projects by Jen. It is called Wordle.  It basically uses words and phrases to represent a word. You can use the “Wordle of the Day” from Jen’s website, order pre-made sets of them (4 sets for $10- a great bargain), or create your own using the Wordle website here to create your own or use the hundreds of pre-created ones they have on this site including one representing the U.S. Consitution (great idea for Social Studies)!!  What a great way to integrate technology and sneak in  little vocabulary!!! I am planning on creating one with my class roster for the first day of school to introduce this activity to m new group of 4th graders!!!


4 Responses to “A great way to sneak in vocabulary…..”

  1. Amy Mims Says:

    If you like wordle, try http://www.tagxedo.com

    You can download a whole piece of writing and see the ideas is a very unique way!! Awesome way to use a piece o text and teach kids to summarize. Words used most often show up larger than less frequent. One of my newest favs!!

  2. Eunice Morris Says:

    I so respect the job that you all do with our children. My ‘adopted” daughter will be a teacher next year 2012- school year. I am sharing your blog with her. She went back to school to get her masters and is going into special ed. In her late 40’s she is excited but a tad scared to make this career change,,,but no doubt she will be awesome.

    • mrsbarker Says:

      Thanks Eunice! I hope your “adopted” daughter loves beaing a teacher as much as I do! Thanks for following my blog and feel free to share it with others!

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