Tales From A 4th Grade Teacher

It's All Good……

And it begins…. July 2, 2011

Filed under: Summer — mrsbarker @ 12:28 pm

I did my final day of summer school on Thursday! So summer can really begin right? Well, not exactly. You see, Sumemr Academy starts Tuesday…and I think I went a little overboard when it comes to signing up for PD. I think I am signed up for 5 classes.  One is a walking tour of our city, and it is supposed to be 98 degrees out that day! Yeah, well I wasn;t really thinking about that back in March when I signed up…it was still 4 degrees outside!!

After I get through all the PD I signed up for, I will spend my days (okay, not all of them) , gathering ideas, mapping out my year, writing units, writing plans for the first week…tackling some professional reading. Lots to do in prep for the upcoming school year.

About that time, they should be finished beautifying the school, so I will be able to get back into my classroom and do a little work. I need to organize me classroom library and a dozen or so other tasks before y little friends arrive on August 17th.

I have already found tons of cool stuff I want to use/try out next year….I am laready optomistic about the upcoming year That ought to wear off by Thanksgiving when we are bogged down in testing, testing and more testing. 

Uh, by the way, whoever says teacher have it easy..we get summers off…blah, blah, blah!!!!


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