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Classroom Pet Peeves June 17, 2011

Filed under: Teaching- General — mrsbarker @ 4:34 pm

theorganizedclassroomblog posted about classroom pet peeves, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon (what else do I have to do..its summer break, haha!)

1. (already posted over at the Classroom blog site)- Studetns coming to class without a pencil. I can’t tell you how much $ I have spent on pencils during my teaching career. Seriously kids, when was the last time you went an entire day at school without using a pencil?!?!?!? Bring them to class, leave them in your desk or backpack! I don’t care…just bring them.

2. Complete silence when you ask “who ______ (fill in the blank)…ranges from “who remembers what we talked about yesterday in Social Studies about the American Revolution” to “whose pencil/book/paper is this.”  The complete silence and blank stares are like fingernails on a chalkboard.

3. Student losing copies of important stuff we give them, nad having to give the same student(s) multiple copies of things because they lose them ALL THE TIME! I don;t knwo about you, but last time I checked, copy paper and copies did not grow on trees (ok, there can be an argument made for the origin of copy paper, but don’t get me sidetracked).  It seems like it is always the same kids.   I teach 4th grade…shouldn’t they be a little more responsible at that age?? I wish I could charge them for extra copies of stuff like the DMV does!!

4. Parents blaming the teacher rather than making their child take responsibility for their actions. Don’t get me started on this one…it could get UGLY very fast!!! Irememebr the day when if I got in trouble with the teacher at school, I got it way worse when I got home. Not so much anymore!!

5. Kids on free/reduced lunch wearing $180 sneakers–I teach in a high-poverty school where most of the kids get a free or redced cost lunch. Yet these kids dress nicer than I can afford to dress my own 10 year old.  They have more than one pair of $100+ basketball shoes, brand name clothing, etc. Something just isn’t right about that. I am actually relieved that our school is cutting out the sale of chips and drinks in the cafeteria, because some of these same kids bring $1 every day to buy snacks but yet they do not pay for their lunch.  Somethign is just not right about that!!

6. Kids just helping themselves to the supplies in my cabinets without asking.  I spend a lot of my own personal money to buy supplies (pencils, paper, glue sticks, erasers, construction paper, etc) which I keep in my classroom cabinets. There has not been a child who has ever asked me for somethign that I have not willingly given them what they need. However, it is common courtesy to ask, rather than to just open up my cabinets (or go on my desk) and help yourself without asking. The first time this happened, I just stood there with my mouth hangign open in disbelief. I had to bit my toungue to keep from asking “did you find everything you were looking for??”

Okay, I better stop before I say somethign I may get fired for…..what is your classroom pet peeve???


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